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To craft and create custom made clothing with perfect elegance.

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Singular Garments

Custom-Made Three Piece Suit R6 800.00

Custom-Made Two Piece Suit R6 500.00

Custom-Made Jacket & Waist Coat R5 500.00

Custom-Made Pants R1 250.00

Custom-Made Waist Coat R1 200.00

Custom-Made Jacket or Blazer R3 750.00

Custom-Made Shirt R1 200.00 (Egyptian Cotton)

Custom-Made Two Piece Kaftan R2 850.00 (Soft-Linen)

Custom-Made Two Piece Safari Suit R3 500.00 (Soft-Linen)

Custom Made Packages

Custom-Made Three Piece Suit, with Ready to Wear shirt & Accessories R7300.00

Custom-Made Two Piece Suit, with Ready to Wear shirt & pants & Accessories R6 200.00

All our custom made garments are made form scratch, designs and fabrics are currently only available in store. It is imperative that you book a consultation.

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