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To craft and create custom made clothing with perfect elegance.

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Busanimen Weddings

Gentleman Tailoring


 Three Piece Suit R7 400.00

 Two Piece Suit R6 700.00

Two Piece Executive Kaftan R5 500.00

Singular Garments

Suit Trousers Only R1 600.00

Waist Coat Only R1 400.00

Jacket or Blazer Only R5 500.00

Shirt Only R1 250.00 (Egyptian Cotton)

Soft Linen

Two Piece Executive Kaftan R3 500.00

Two Piece Safari Suit R5 500.00

Soft Linen Trousers Only R1 250.00

Custom Made Packages

Custom-Made Three Piece Suit, with a tailored Ready to Wear Shirt & Accessories R7 700.00

Custom-Made Two Piece Suit, with a tailored Ready to Wear shirt & pants & Accessories R7 000.00

All our custom made garments are made form scratch, designs and fabrics are currently only available in store. It is imperative that you book a consultation.

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