Have you ever had that moment when you look at yourself in mirror and stared for a while at what you are or who you’ve become. It’s a moment where you question existence and grapple with reality. A surreal moment that can’t be shared with anyone else because no one will understand it like you do, a moment of introspection and reflection at the many moments of your life that made you and sometimes tore you.

Truth is, we’ve all experienced a similar brief moment in our lives at one time or another. We as Busanimen define it as a moment of ‘self-judgement’, a moment where you truly look at yourself and only yourself. Where the things that you believe in all of a sudden seem like distant lies and the values that defined you all these years, now become a unwanted fallacies.

But in this moment, something fascinating tends to happen. We pardon ourselves for being mere human-beings, for being human-beings who make mistakes, human beings who caution abruptly without reason. A people who judge, who look down upon and who take face-value for uncompromising truth. We accept ourselves for how we look, for how we speak, our origin and we accept the very same unwanted and disappointing qualities about ourselves that others cursed us about.

The point here is, as a people, we’ll never truly accept others before we learn to accept ourselves.

This understanding could be wrestled heavily with clothing brands that we’ll never grow effectively nor become immensely influential until we become inclusive to all people.

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