When it all becomes worth it

Busanimen Graduation Package

Graduation day, that’s the first thing you think about on your first day of varsity, believe or not.

It’s the one achievement that constantly lurks in the back of your mind during every lecture, every test and exam, every successful year you pass and of course every varsity party you attend. It’s the only achievement during this time of your life that feels like a necessity to obtain.

In most instances, you’re either the first one in your family to obtain a varsity degree or diploma and so this doesn’t only become your achievement to have, but your family and everyone who’s believed and supported you. And so this day, is an important day.

I must say, varsity has it’s demons though. There’s the beautiful girls and boys who’ll distract you from actually studying. There’s the alcohol and substances which are always a by-product of making friends with bad company. There’s the loud parties the day before an important exam or test, and of course the foreign concepts that you’ll never grasp, but are forced to immediately understand should you want to leave the place with some sort of qualification. But, all of these moments are monumental in making your journey all worth it on graduation day.

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